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The Last Thing You Do

I heard a song today that went like this:

If the last thing you did was the last thing you do,
Would you be OK with the way they remember you?

Wow, I know country lyrics can be cheese, but that really hits home. When you think about the last thing you did being the last thing you do, it kind of scares ya?

It does me, kind of like living for the moment. I find myself questioning things like, is it just enough to enjoy life? Or am I required to do something amazing with my life? In comparison to others I pale and yet I don't think I am not faithful with what I have been given? Or am I?

Then I think well if I am to live like every moment could be my last then should I go buy a Ferrari? Skydive? Bungee Jump? Buy my wife a big rock? Proselytize Aggressively? Question Authority More? It is never ending?

What would you do if the last thing you did was the last thing you do?

Please no Miss America answers, we all want to End World Hunger and want World Peace!

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