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Rockin Out In FLA!

OK, So Rob and the Boys of Pillar came to FLA, Late but hey they came!

Unfortunately, their bus broke down and they had to rent a new bus and were delayed so they did not make it on Wednesday as planned.

That was alright because we met them and took Linda and the Little Rocker Baby on Thursday, while Pillar played Tampa, Gainsville, Miami and then Orlando. Where we took Linda and Hudson Cash back to meet his Dad again for the ride home and watched them play for the second time in four days and the millionth time in their career. They are seriously so stinkin talented and only one relationship away from a huge promotion!

It is funny how you take certain things for granted.

Here are a few of my own personal examples:
1. How cute a baby could look with a Dew Rag on(also how many servers will attack you at a restaurant because you have Dew Rag on your baby)!
2. The fact that your own baby is old enough to want to go to the mosh pit and is forced to stand at the front of the stage instead! (See second picture from the top)
3. Being in a bar with a 8,9 and 13 year old is not a big deal to you or them?
4. People are People, always have been, always will be, the only difference is some act real and others act real fake! I glad Rob and the rest are not the latter.
5. True Friendship is important.
6. Finally, we don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time. (OK, that one is a joke)

Anyway, it was a GEWD time and we look forward to them coming again in May. We even got to hang with my bud from High School Brian Whalen who lives in Orlando! Pretty Cool to say the least.


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At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun pics! Lil' rocker, just like his daddy!


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