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The things I do for Love!

I got a call from my wife last week and she was acting really weird to say the least. While I am trying to figure out what she did wrong, she tells me she made an "Executive Decision?" This is probably one of the most uncomfortable things you can hear as a husband. I don't even get to make "Executive Decisions," so what gives? Well it turns out my wife, the one who says over and over she won't own another dog! Yes, that is right, we not only adopted one, but two of these guaranteed heartbreaks. They are purebred Shitzus and as cute as they are they have already christened the house more than me! The brown and white is the boy Gomez, sorry, I mean Gizmo. The black and white is Sasha. They are cute dogs, but just like driving a mini-van they are pretty emasculating to walk.

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