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I heard of a website today that I was unaware of and thought to be quite morbid. It is and is a listing of individuals Myspace accounts who have died? See the thing is myspace does not delete accounts for inactivity at this point so this website lists the individuals with the cause of death and a link to their Myspace pages.

The sad thing is that the cause of death is listed and it is amazing the number of suicides, murders and alcohol/drug related deaths! No correlation between having a Myspace account and lifestyle I suppose? (Yeah Right!) If you go through them it seems like most all of them died of this cause, it is truly BIZARRE! Or is it?

I definitely had a sick feeling looking at it and at the same time I felt so bad for all the individuals and their families/friends. If you don't think we live in a lost and dying world then I recommend you check it out!

Finally, the Myspace accounts show the last login, which sometimes is the day of death, along with all the comments from friends and family which is also pretty interesting and sad to read. I just don't understand the motivation of the website to do such a thing? Then again that could be said for a ton of websites out there, so who knows?

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