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Understanding is an Understatement

God is said in His Word to be an Infinite Spirit with No Shape or Form. OK, so how do we relate to that? Really? What is a Spirit? Have any of us really seen a spirit, touched a spirit, smelled a spirit. No I don't mean spirits in a bottle either. It can get pretty complex when you think about it. I remember sitting on the beach recently with my wife and her amazement at God knowing the number of crystals of sand on the beach. When I think about the fact that the average human can only hope to use 12% of their brain in an entire life time it starts to come into perspective. If I am to understand God, I am to understand JESUS. Cause truth is, Jesus defined how we are to live and to put it in the simplest and easiest of terms and without going to seminary and studying Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. I believe it is often times the understated life of Christ that leads to understanding God. If we are live everyday as He did and make every one of our choices based on how He taught us to live, then maybe that shows how in tune we are with God? If we make the understated choice of truth, love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, and sacrifice then we are in tune with God!

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