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Drop it like its Hot!

I did not get to post anything on this cause, well my wife usually does, but I figure what the heck its a free blognation right?
So we were so blessed to see Rob and the guys again, it is really funny I have seen and spent more time with Rob now that I am 1500 miles away then when I lived 5 miles away. So here are some cool pics from the time we spent together. They actually played in Clearwater where my restaurant it so that was cool, although we did not get to go to the beach. That was not cool. Enjoy!

Me and the boys and some boys from church waiting for the show to start.

Me and Jackson


Rob eatin some crab!

Jayden and our Youth Praise and Worship Leader AROD



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At 12:03 AM, Anonymous emily said...

yay!! Im so glad your life is happy. Ours is too. Mario just got a great raise, and I was just offered my management position back at the "roadhouse". God is so good. Im glad to see you posted on my xanga also. It is amazing how God will put people in your life, even from far away. You and Rachel have been such an encouragement to me, more than ever before, and I love you guys for that. Hope to hear from you soon. Em

At 6:48 PM, Blogger stephanie said...

Hey Brian,
It's funny you know Brad and Aaron.
The world is a small place.
Jason and Stephanie

At 9:05 PM, Blogger Blog World said...

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