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Times Change, Tactics Change

Begging, panhandling and asking for money is as old as time itself. Being someone who drives 800-1000 miles in town a week I see a ton of crazy stuff.

This happened to me and I had seen it before, but with gas prices skyrocketing I suspect we will see it more and more. You pull up to pump and put in your credit/debit card and start pumping. The beggar approaches you with a gas can and explains they ran out of gas and need enough to get home. Now it is hard to say no cause hey you are already filling your car and what is a little extra? Well when gas was $2 a gallon you could fill a gas can for $4, now a can could cost up to $20 depending how big it is.

What do they do with this gas? I imagine they sell it at a discount, the way to tell is to watch and see if the beggar looks at the pump to see how much you gave them or if they have the can marked by gallon.

I have to say my attitude on this is still to give, even though they may not be genuine in their intentions. I know God will honor my giving irregardless. Anyway, I just see this as a growing trend and wanted to give you all a heads up, cause the first time it happens to you it catches you off guard.

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