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Faith like the Devil

Anyone can say they believe in God.

I believe in diets! Does not mean I am gonna loose any weight until I start to follow one by eating as it says.

Until words line up with action it is stagnant.

There must be some sort of movement for God in order to see our faith grow. All the talking, reading and speaking in the world will never grow your faith in God like doing something. The Devil has a great deal of faith in God cause he is doing everything in his power to defeat Him. The more the Devil fights and is defeated by God the more his belief grows that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will Do. What should I do then you ask? Well for some it is as simple as going to church, for others it is serving or giving to someone else, and for others it may be leaving their family and going on a mission trip. It is all relative to where you are in your walk with God. Bottom line is to get moving, do something! The more you move for God the closer you get to Him and the greater your faith grows.

I don't want the Devil to beat me at anything including my level of faith in God!

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