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Close your eyes and imagine going into work and seeing a co worker wearing their blue College sports shorts under their clothes. Better yet what if another brushes his teeth and chews black licorice every hour. While another eats only chicken the day of a big presentation, and then draws a symbol that means “To Life” on their desk before every meeting. How about playing with dirt and talking to them self? Making sure to step on each step with both feet?

Alright, so you can't close your eyes and read this, but you would be off if you thought any of the above behavior was normal. Yet, in baseball these are some common actions for the professional player. Can you guess who does what above? Does not matter cause it seems the whole sport has gone to the nut house!

Well apparently some fan of Boston buried a David Ortiz jersey during construction at the new stadium. Now this was buried under a few tons of dirt then concrete and was just a claim by a zealous Boston fan. There was no proof besides the fan's word. Well in order to reverse this curse and with the help of some construction workers, the Yankees unearthed this curse to the tune of $50K. A grand 'Hex'cavation indeed! I could just imagine Ford spending $50K to remove a Chevy emblem under one of it's plants? NOT! Read The Full Story Here

Why is it so acceptable to behave this way in sports and no other profession?

Is is just me or does it seem off?

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