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I ate some bugs, I ate some grass, I used my hand, to wipe my tears.

My middle son was singing this to me yesterday and it made me laugh! Well I know it has been awhile since I posted and I wanted to give a brief update as to what has been a great paradigm shift in our lives. First I started my new job and it has been a dramatic change from what I am use to. I have worked nights and weekend for the past sixteen years so being off has been awesome I can't believe I did it for as long as I did. It has had a major change to my relationship with the family and really has taught me to appreciate the time that much more. The week prior I got off work everyday by 2:00 PM and was off for four days leading up to this week. The people I work with are great and although I am training it seems like I am really going to enjoy this line of work. We finally got a new townhouse which we are moving into on the 14th of this month. It is really awesome cause not only is it bigger it has a garage and is three stories so we have a ton of storage and room! Then we are going on vacation to Tulsa from the 25th to the 1st of August which everyone is pumped about. Jared made the All Star team and has really excelled at baseball, he loves it and is pretty good at it to boot! Finally, Rachel started a new job with the leasing office in the community we live in so no more waking at quarter to four AM and no more standing on her feet all day. I think she is going to like it for now, but our goal is for her to stop working in the next year. So, I have to say God has really blessed us and we have come full circle. While things always come at a cost it is nice to reap some of what I believe our family has sewn for so long. Well I will try and keep up more as time permits and would love to hear from you as well!
Here are some pics for you all to enjoy!

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At 10:32 AM, Blogger LunarWorld said...

Welcome back!

Glad to hear the Majiks are doing well. Wish we could see you when you're in Tulsa.


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