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First Day Squared

Well not only was it the first day at my new job, but it was Rachel's first day as well! I will let her tell you how great it was herself. As for me well I loved it, it could not have gone better! I walked into a conference room with all the Executive VP's and they greeted me with open arms and enthusiasm. It was nice to be working in a high level of respect. The best part about it was the Human Resources person who did my orientation was the wife a my Dean from High School who remembered me! Scary. Anyway, it is odd to think I have nights and weekends and Holidays off? I am still having to have that one sink in, well you know what they say? Cause I sure as heck don't! Well pray for us as we are still going through a ton, we are moving in the next two weeks to a HUGE town house almost twice as big as our current digs and I am trying to find a new used car. God is GEWD all the time!

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