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For a Fee

A price, it is universal isn't it? Everything and everyone for a price. We all have it. Yeah, I know your first reaction is to say, oh no I can't be bought! Really? What do you give up to have that car you drive? That house you live in? The ability to go to the mall and buy a new clothes? Oh, but that is not being bought. Yeah sure keep kidding yourself, but think about it. You work for a company and trade your time and skills for a dollar figure. That money is what you settle for in lieu of your time. So in essence you are selling yourself for a price. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with working or having a job, I am just saying that everyone has a price. The sooner we can establish this the sooner we can realize we are selling ourselves short! For most, God values you way more than you value yourself. Why would he create you if he did not value you? Why would He want YOU to have a releationship with Him? Why would you even be here? You serve a purpose and a function GOD finds important and worth something. The value of you is so high that GOD sent His one and only Son to die for you. Not only that when you devalue yourself by not trusting God with every aspect of your life, you hurt God and yourself. Today look in the mirror and see who God sees. He made you in His likeness, not yours! God is LOVE and so are you!

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