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Morning Run

Every morning I go for a run, well actually a jog. That said living in the country I usually see my fair share of this....

(EGRETS, Awesome birds!)
And then on occasion this....

(Sandhill Cranes, Huge birds which they say are on the verge of extinction, but we have a ton of)
And I even run through a bunch of these...


Today though as I ran I caught out of the corner of my eye a huge cat coming toward me through some brush and as it exited the brush into the open I noticed it was a cat alright, this kind!

Thats right a fairly large Bobcat and it just crossed the side walk then the road and stopped and looked at me before darting into the woods. Kind of freaked me out and then I thought where else can you jog and see such of God's amazing splendor!
Stinkin Kewl!

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