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The Effects of Social Engineering

The home of one child per family is now on the verge of a gender time bomb. As a result of one child per family the men discard their daughters for a hope of a male child and being taken care of in old age. The result is an ever growing male population who are going to continue to grow in size. It was written in the International Hearald Tribune about the threat:

In a trend fraught with troubling political and social implications, China will soon find itself with a marriage-age population remarkably out of balance, with about 23 million more young men than women available for them to marry in this decade and the next - what demographers term a "marriage squeeze."

This impending surplus of unattached young men could be a driving force behind increased crime, explosive epidemics of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and even international threats to the security of other nations. Yet the Chinese government has done little to address its demographic destiny.

The problem is that because the men are not married and can't find work they are in turn joining gangs and resorting to violence, drugs and crime. The further result of problems is the growing female orphan population who grow up to become wives and later mothers with issues that result from growing up abandoned and raised in an orphanage because they are female. Perpetuating this dis-function even more. It is a sad state that needs our prayers and help!

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