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The faith of a .....

Ever feel like you are so close to God you feel his breath on your neck? Yeah me either, but there are times when I feel so close to him and there is this utter contentment. I once heard this prayer in a movie,

Oh Lord, we give thee humble and hearty thanks for this, thy gift of discipline, knowing that it is only through the constraints of others that we come to know ourselves, and only through true misery can we find true contentment.

I thought to myself really? I have to be miserable to be content. Well, wrong again. I come to the realization that it is not gonna happen in this life, maybe the next but not this life. Sorry folks I know you were looking for the answer, the silver lining or the 8Th wonder. No Luck!

I will say this though I hate it when my faith is like a yo yo, close then far over and over. I really just wish for consistency, then I wonder if that would be boring?

Sorry for being so Transparent, I'll go back to posting funny videos!

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