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An Awesome Weekend

As weekends go, this last weekend Rocked!

Y you ask?

Well first off, Friday night the boys stayed with friends until Saturday night. So, Rachel and I went to Cheddars for Dinner, then came home and watched "Live Free or Die Hard" (A great movie! We both were on the edge of the couch the entire time!)

Then we woke up at our leisure, went to Dunkin Donuts, then went to the beach where we spent the afternoon.

That evening we picked up the boys and went to church.

Then came home and had a camp out party in the living room where we watched Freaky Friday and Fantastic 4 part 2.

Sunday we got up met Todd and his family at Matt Geiger's condo on Clearwater Beach(Matt is a retired NBA Player, kink of local celeb). We cooked out and swam the day away.

Then Sunday Night we went to Summer Jam 2 and thanks to the event producer and our good friend Shawn we were on the Center Court watching the Buccaneers play basketball for charity. Jackson was so excited he got to meet Michael Clayton and get his autograph. Mike Jones played the half time show and was three feet from us as he preformed which was also cool(at least I thought so, Rachel, yeah not so much).

Finally, finished up at Chili's with Todd and his Brother Brandon late Sunday night, then home by early Monday!

Yes, Wow what a weekend!

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