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Tradition, Tradition what would we be without Tradition

In case you did not know what that is from it is Fiddler on the Roof. Unfortunately it is a very wrong methodology.
The problem is traditionalism fails to distinguish between biblical principles for ministry and cultural methods for implementing those principles. Traditionalism clings to dated ineffective methods in the name of staying truer to tradition than to Scripture.
Bottom line is the result of traditionalism is a Christianity that has all the right answers to all the wrong questions, why? Because the questions being answered are no longer the ones being asked. We have to be culturally relevent to today. The Bible has applications we have to translate those applications to the current days operating system. Like trying to run software on an older version of Windows, it does not work. We have to be relevant to our current culture. Look at God's Word as a prime example of this. Ever read Mathew, Mark, Luke and John? They all tell the same story of Jesus. So why would God tell the same story four times? Each one is relative to different cultural group of that time. Mathew was written for Jews, Mark was written for Romans, Luke was written for Gentiles and John was written for Greeks. Kind of like ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN each telling the news of Jesus. We have to look at how the news is told today, in color, up to the minute, and in relation to how it affects our life in the most sensational format possible. How does Jesus affect our life to today the same way? People don't want to know what Jesus did for Isreal, but what Jesus will do for New Orleans and what he continues to do for all of us in the future. So let go of tradition and start to become a good reporter. Explaining the news of Jesus and all the benefits therein. In the end everyone looks for meaning in their life and convince themselves of false meanings without finding meaning through Christ.

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At 6:19 AM, Blogger Brian and Rachel said...

Finally I can read your blog, what a nightmare. J/K, you may want to re-read some of that again. It was really good though. Where do these revelations come from? They are so awesome.

At 10:19 AM, Anonymous craig said...

Great insight! Mind if I share them with the FC board? Get home, brother. Your family is anxiously awaiting...


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