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Its good to be at home!

Well as you all now know I am home, what you did not all know is I was living in Hellston, TX the fourth largest city in the country and the second dirtiest. I can't believe it now, but I started this little journey on July 4th and minus two weeks home for paid time off, I was gone the entire time. Well suffice it to say you learn a lot about yourself and your family while apart. I learned that I can still cook for myself. I also learned I can't do laundry for myself, see dingy grey white shirts. I found out that if you kids are watching a movie and on the phone, the movie always wins, no matter how long it has been since you talked to or seen them. This also applies to your spouse as well, I know I am guilty too! I also found that it can be a pretty lonely world out there without your family. I not only take a new appreciation for being able to spend time together, but also being able to just do the most mundanest of chores together. There is no place like your own bed, but more importantly there is no better place to sleep than holding my wife. I also found that I could get depressed without my wife to talk to. Finally, I know why God paired me with such a beautiful, young, loving, sincere, caring wife. Because, first off He could, second she encompasses everything I hope and aspire to be. She is my earthly reason for being and will make up the better half of my future here on the second rock from the sun. Till I go to be with the Son. I thank God for Him and what He has done with my life thus far, I am more excited than ever to see what He does with our future!

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