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Jesus Walks

Luke 1:79
to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace."

Fact; Everyone has a shadow. Fact 2; Everyone has a shadow of death, it is part of being live, because without life there is no death. So what is the path of peace. The path of peace is living a life of love that shines on those living the life of death Those living the life of death leads to eternal damnation. Ohhhhh! What did he say, damnation? That's right I used the "D" word. We want to be positive, but again without positivley we have no negativity. I know damnation is negative, but it is reality of having free will. I know none of us want damnation for anyone, including God. Yet he says in His Word that we are to shine on those who are living in darkness.

I remember hanging out with a friend who was convicted of murder and had actually repented, accepted Christ and started living for God in the ministry. He was very bold and called definetly called to ministry, he woud talk to anyone, at anytime about Christ with out thinking twice about it. Well we would go to the bar each night after work and play pool. We would not drink alcohol just play pool and talk about Christ. Well it was a dark hole in the wall and we tryed to keep from drawing attention to ourselves, so we would go to the far side of the bar and play pool. Well it was always busy and there would be people at the table next to us and within a few minutes we would be completely alone at our end. Well my friend would say it was the light that drove them away. I was like the light? What do you mean the light? He would say it was the light of Christ shining through us that would drive them away. So, I finally said ok, I did not agree and that he was being a freaky Christian. So he said ok, tomorrow we will come to the other side of the bar and play pool and everyone will go the the other side of the bar. Well suffice it to say I was wrong. We went to the side closest to the door were all the dart boards where at and within about ten minutes everyone was on the other side of the bar while we played a silent game of pool. I walked to then other side of the bar and looked back and I saw it, at first I thought I was imagining things, but it became very apparent to me that I could see something, LIGHT. It was at that point that I realized the POWER of being a Christian is REAL. That we are really the light of the world I know my experience was a bit weird, yet the truth is that God says we are the light of the World and if we believe it we receive it.

Well knowing we are human, we sin, we intend to sin and we are dark, we sin, and don't intend to and repent so, we become light. In other words if we make a mistake and are sorry, we are the light. We make a mistake and feel no remorse and we are dark. How do we lead, what influences us? Actions, I can say it over and over and over and over, yet it is my actions that speak to others. I look at the Tobacco industry as societys model of repentenance, they were sued for their liability with killing people with the knowledge of the dangers of Tobacco. Ok, so I admit to sinning, let me do my penance and do it again? Sounds like religion to me, we sin and confess and sin again? The Tobacco industry payed MILLIONS of dollars as a penance, yet they still sell their product? This is societies downfall. We sin yet sell it again and again as we payed the penance of our previous sin. If Jesus really walks with us we would not sin the same sin over and over and over again we would be truly repentant and live the life of Light on the Dark and make God happy by increasing the amount of his children who return to him.

God Bless You and Change You for Him!

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