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My Love

I use to be sure of three things in life, birth, death and taxes. At the half way point of my life I have now added one more thing to my list, True Love. I use to think that was just one of those things reserved for movies and God.

As I see the embodiment of true selflessness, caring, devotion and a genuine passion unlike any I ever experienced, I realized True Love exists and is not devoid of a commitment that is not always reserved for just the good times. It is the type of Love that surpasses looks, feelings, and emotions. It is like the difference between potential and kinetic energy. We all have the potential for true love, it takes a commitment that most can't grasp because they are not willing to put there entire life behind someone else.

Whether it needs to happen or not, the commitment to really Not figuratively put someone before ones self in every area of life is what I am talking about. To the point that the material of your own life does not matter, survival is secondary to the needs of another. That is making the sacrafices that hurt in order to comfort and meet the needs of someone else. I am so blessed to have Rachel and she is True Love. I can only wish to try and keep up!

Thank you Rachel...

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