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Vincent DeDomenico dies

I know many of you are devastated by this news. Some of you are like who? For those few of you in the minority who don't know of Vincent DeDomenico invented Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat. I love the beef flavor, my Mom use to make it for me as a kid and it rocked!
God Speed Vincent!

Here is snipit about him...

Vincent DeDomenico, the son of Italian immigrants who took a family recipe and turned it into Rice-A-Roni - "the San Francisco treat" - and later built and ran the Napa Valley Wine Train, died Thursday in his sleep at home in Napa.

He was 92 and had worked happily until the night he died, his family said. His wife of nearly 60 years was at his side.

"He was a dreamer," Mildred DeDomenico, 87, said of her husband. "He always had all these plans. He'd write them down on pieces of paper. He was a man who could never retire."

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